From shades of Blue

These indescribable emotions
From where do they stem?
From the goodwill to the sin
What are these feelings to them?
Well to me...

From the peaceful waters
Of the ocean view
Express this serenity never felt before
In quite a placating hue

From the blue of the skies
A sight everyday, of the new to come
It always leaves a smile on my face
Heartbeats set to the rhythm of a drum

From the sadness that spill through
So painstakingly slow
This wave spurting the hurt
Could be an everlasting flow

From the darker shade
Of the unspeakable rues
Leaves an empty feeling within
Nothing left to do

For the deepest feelings
That shows how much I grew
Circle my heart
In the loveliest shades of blue

Common Ties

Does a voice need to be spiteful?
To carry our souls away
Or does a voice need to be silent?
To let ourselves quarrel and betray

Have you ever had a crystal?
And wondered it's worth
Then compare it to a rock?
Understand the rock's hurt?

Does the sun really shine?
Or the wind really blow?
Or is it a figment of our imagination
That nobody really knows?

Does it matter, the color of skin?
Aren't we all human within?
Don't we all have the same blood in our veins?
And don't we all share the same joy and pains?