Words of solace to a grieving mom, daughter, and an adult battling illness and the loss of three loved ones in a short duration. Thanvi’s poems came as a timely reminder that cherished memories and the good around us, are as powerful as time itself in helping us cope and heal from our grief and despair. Words can and do bring out the strongest of emotions in everyone of us, whether in unusual circumstances, or in daily uneventful times. If I had to describe this book in one sentence, it’s a balm to my wounded self, candy to my inner child.

Wisdom beyond her age, a kind heart, and an intelligent mind, shows through in her poetry, making From The Inside a delightful little treat.

- Renugha

Thanvi’s work is very motivating and interesting. The poems that I have read are motivating and are also very deep. I feel that these poems will make one ponder about themselves as they really address issues that a lot of people face everyday. To tie it up Thanvi’s poems will make you look at your day-today life in a new light.

-Krishnav Hanumanthu